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Privacy Controls

Candidate Privacy

PrivaCV gives candidates  both software-centric and human-centric ways to protect your privacy.

The PrivaCV model is that  you have different types of information, subject to different privacy controls.  You have your contact information, your resume, and your questionare.  Each of these can be completely hidden, publicly visible, or visible to recruiters, PrivaCV staff, candidates, or hiring managers.  Internally, we also have tools to make your information only available to certain individuals. 

We recommend that you make your questionnaire publicly visible, only allow staff to see your contact information and make your resume anonymous and publicly visible.  An anonymous resume is one where identifying information such as your name, company name and Github repositories, have been removed.

Other ways of organizing your PrivaCV nformation are also possible.  In particular we are considering allowing you to have two resumes.  One would be your publicly visible anonymous resume, and the other would be your complete resume, only visible to staff.  Let us know if this interests you. 

There are also human-centric approaches to controlling your PrivaCV.  This basically involves telling the staff who should see what.  Usually candidates will ask us to release their complete resume to interesting companies. You get to define which companies are  interesting to you. 

Manager Privacy

Usually companies try to broadcast their job information as widely as possible.  I assume that the reason that hiring managers want privacy is to keep their company strategic plans confidential.  With PrivaCV you can make your job description publicly visible, but hide your contact information.  Maybe you have two job descriptions, a general one you want to publish, and a more detailed one, which you only want us to show to candidates who are likely to work for you.  If you need additional privacy protections, please let us know, and we will be happy to accommodate to your requirements.