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You may have a website, or blog; a GitHub, Bitbucket, Stack Overflow, Twitter, or OpenCores account; or other web assets related to your professional career.  Unlike the major job boards, PrivaCV encourages you to link to these sites, and allows you to control who has access to that information.  This directory makes it easy for your clients to find your web assests.  No more depending on PageRank.  You are indexed based on the skills you register, your location, your citizenship, and where you are willing to work.  It makes it really easy to find you.  

Creative Model

I built this website because I enjoy writing object-oriented software, and because I want to contribute to global privacy. Privacy is so important to free speech and democracy.

I enjoy working with Python, Persistent Python Objects, Grok and Zopache The other reason I do this work is because I really enjoy talking to some very intelligent people about their hugely interesting technology projects.

Business Model

"Do what you love and the money will follow."  Instead of a busienss plan, I have a vision I wish to pursue.   I think that software development has become too complex.    A simpler approach is needed.  I see the internet evolving into a graph of objects sending messages to each other.   Zopache is a concrete manifestation of that vision.   I really want to evangelize this message, and maybe make some money in the background recruiting the people who agree with me. 

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